We are an outpatient and referral centre for MRI & CT scans for D0gs, Cats & Small Animals.

Pet MRI Scanning Services

Our Toshiba Aquillian 16 slice Pet CT scanner will enable us to see inside your pet which enables us to provide a more accurate and quick diagnosis of both routine and potentially life threatening conditions.

Your pet will need to be sedated or anesthetised for a very short time but don’t worry our trained and experienced team of vets and nurses will be closely monitoring your pet throughout the process.

  • Pet CT scanning services provide advanced and intracate detialed imaging of your pet with no avasive proceedure.
  • Our 16 slice Pet CT scanner can scan your pet quickly, which means shorter examination times reducing the time needed for anaesthesia.
  • All our Pet CT scans are reported by European diplomats specialists which are the most experienced of there field.

For more information regarding our Pet CT Scanning services please give us a call on 01942 242001 or send us any questions that you may have.

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