North West MRI & CT Scanning Services for Pets, Dogs & Cats
North West MRI & CT Scanning Services for Pets, Dogs & Cats

Veterinary CT & MRI Scan - Case Studies

Syringomyelia and disc disease in a 12yo MN CKCS

Charlie presented with acute neck pain. In this breed, syringomyelia is a top differential diagnosis – but we were in for a surprise!


Sinus neoplasia in a 7yo FE Rottweiler

Zara presented with a painful discharging lump above her right eye. Radiographs were non-diagnostic, and it wasn’t until we scanned her that we revealed the full extent of the problem.


Metastatic neoplasia in a 3yo FE English Lop

Cardamom presented to the primary practice with acute paraplegia but without other clinical signs. The radiographs looked normal. The MRI scan picked up the spinal lesion but there was another sinister finding.

Cervical pain of a 4y French Buldog

This dog was referred for MRI due to cervical pain.  The scan showed  narrowing of the C2-3 disc (green arrow) space mild bulging and irregulary of the dorsal annulus. There are multiple vertebral malformations along the caudal thoracic spine.                         
The malformation results in mild narrowing of the verebral canal and as a result there is narrowing of the cord at the level of T8-T10. This cord is centrally hyperintense, probably due to chronic atrophy and gliosis.

Nasopharyngeal mass in an 11yo Domestic Short Hair

Thomas had been suffering from “noisy breathing” for over a year. The primary practice had done cranial radiographs and looked up the nose and behind the soft palate. A scan gave the information needed for this problem to be resolved.


Retrobulbar cystic lesion in an 18mo FN English Bulldog

Petal presented initially with exopthalmos – abnormal protrusion of one of her eyes. The owners feared the worst, but MRI showed a rather unusual but curable abnormality.


Thoracic wall tumour in a 4yo MN West Highland White Terrier

Hamish was a young Westie who presented with a large infected wound on his chest – but no history of how it had come about. After medical management failed to resolve this, he was sent for a scan. The results came as a shock.


Nasal neoplasia in a 15yo MN Domestic Short Hair

Mopsy was an elderly cat who presented with a unilateral nasal discharge. With his age, a neoplastic lesion was suspected but an MRI was performed to rule out a foreign body and to give a definitive diagnosis.


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